Foreword from the Director

Dear Prospective Students and Respected Partner of Magister Manajemen Universitas Indonesia,

I would like to invite you to be part of our world, the world in which a network of 8,000 alumni, students, mentors and academia working across professions and holding key position in our society. Most of them are now advancing to the front lines of our economic and social struggle, they are responsible for the growth, sophistication and competitiveness of our nation.

Indonesia and the world today are in restless motion. We cannot afford to play small parts, instead we need to be the engineer of this motion and set its tone. In the ground of this challenging context, our school aims to build a network that evolve to become the main influencer in Indonesia’s business landscape and beyond. It would not be achieved without taking you—our valuable partner, into account. You will be the most important ingredients of this network, enhancing its contribution and relevance.

Together, we will work to navigate the role of the network in this fast changing era. Our nation has been confronted with economic growth and crisis simultaneously in the last 25 years. Part of this uncertainty is contributed by institutional problems and weak administration. What we need to know is where do we go from here.  What is going to be the ultimate form of our national competitiveness and way of doing business? In answering these questions, we share a similar concern that if we do not organize our act in a good spirit, our nation’s economy could be going to a dangerous point of no return. In this sense, our teamwork may contribute significantly in promoting constructive collaboration between  stakeholders of national economy.

Specifically, our partnership will focus on this set of framework—Engage, Elaborate, Expand.

  • Engage, means having frequently constructive discussion with all members within the network.
  • Elaborate, means looking into common ground and collective strategy to encounter challenges.
  • Expand, means sharing the knowledge with individual and organization outside the network.

We would like to invite you to join our school as a student or to become our strategic partner. We like to hear your perspective on the framework that we have proposed. Your involvement in this network is crucial and therefore we hope for your sustainable participation.

Most sincerely,


Harryadin Mahardika


Magister Manajemen Universitas Indonesia